Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I love to share some of the interesting places in and around Durban on my blog. I spent some time this weekend at Makaranga Garden Lodge -

It is a boutique hotel, filled with interesting artworks. It has a huge Botanical Garden of exotic and indigenous plants and Zimbabwean and Italian Sculptures. The beautiful iron work on the front door always holds my attention.

It has an "undiscovered gem" feel about it - tucked away in the middle of "Kloof Suburbia" just close to where I live.
I love the way that even the old tree stumps and roots are so artistically included in the garden.
Tea and scones on the veranda and a refreshing walk around the garden leave you feeling rested and inspired! My husband and I have a date there next week - to do a bit of goal setting, listening to God, planning and dreaming.


nunu pepe' said...

Wow, did not even know it existed. I love little hide aways especially ones that serve tea and scones:) I think it's so great that you and your hubby set a date to sit down and do that..It's inspiring!

Heloise Bottomley said...

That looks like a little bit of paradise. I'm of for a cuppa with hubby myself (unfortunately not in such an inspiring setting)Enjoy

Estelle said...

Yes it is a beautiful venue! I was fortunate enough to see it in Feb.
Good for you and hubby - love that you have a date with such a sensible purpose. Inspiring to other couples and families.
One of my other friends does something similar - their whole family reflects on the past year, and shares plans for the next year. Exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

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