Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy Day...

Yesterday was a busy day and I am not yet quite finished what I started out to do - but I am almost there...
The Design Indaba or South African Design Week opens in Cape Town on Saturday and guess what?! ... I am going to be there!
I managed to book air tickets and car hire yesterday, and accommodation should be sorted out by today.
I applied for a week's Time Share months ago - but nothing came up, so my hubbie made a call today and said "let's go for the weekend anyhow" He has some business to do in Cape Town too!
I usually steer away from crowds, but I am going to have to join in with them at the Expo this weekend.
It is going to be good to see the work of people like Yda Walt and so many others.
I love her "Post Mark" Bags and Cushions. Visit Yda's web sight and see some more of her lovely print work.
I'll be telling you more about the Indaba soon!


janine de waal said...

Well that's FANTASTIC!!! and really exciting! And I LOVE the handbag - really cool!

Heather Moore said...

Hey, we should get in touch while you're down in CT! It would be great to meet you, and I'll definitely be lurking around the Indaba!

Xander said...

Have fun in Cape Town! Visit some Cape Town cafes, so I can be envious of you! -X