Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Load Shedding

In South Africa we have been experiencing some problems with our power supply and many of us have had intermittant power cuts - termed 'Load Shedding' by the Power Suppliers. The frustration that most of us feel about this has also brought about some humour and innovation.
Danny Seo had a competition on his blog that inspired me to think about using my old candle holders.
I have filled this vintage cutlery tray with decorative goodies - some of which are useful too. The old candle holders store some tea lights and some matches. It is on my coffee table in my living room. I cut some of the striking paper off a match box and glued it on the bottom.

So now - if the lights go out ....
We know where to get help straight away.


Estelle said...

Oh, I just love that. Practical, pretty and handy.
I'm all for inventive South Africans finding solutions rather than sitting around complaining (-:
Viva entrepreneurs!

Heloise Bottomley said...

that is a clever way of doing it, except in my house a tray is perceived as an open invitation to remove for any manner of other usefull things 5 year olds need to do.

Xander said...

What a chic way of enjoying the blackouts. -X