Thursday, May 22, 2008

Brrr! Time to Put Jesrseys on!

Winter is upon us here in the Southern Hemisphere, which has prompted me to to think about warm, cuddly cushions!?!

Strikk lives in London and knits her beautiful cushion covers from wool dyed in South Africa! What an interesting link! Afra from Turkey has this "Trees in Love" knitted pillow cover!
My cushions are well prepared for winter with their recycled fairaisle jersies and tapestry jackets!


Estelle said...

Trees in love and cushions in fair isle jerseys - lovely!
The cold has set in here in Gauteng too. I still saw swallows cavorting after sunset yesterday - can't wait to see if they are still here today!

knitty knitter said...

a similar tree pattern for knitting is available here, for free

Krissy said...

The trees in love cushion is so beautiful!

afra said...

hi, this is afra..:)
i see my pillow now..:)
i'm very pleased..thank you very much!