Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Lovely London List 1

Heather of Skinny LaMinx jetted off from Africa to London yesterday. The good news for me is that I'll be there too in early July and I am planning how I will fill my precious few days there. Some places I want to revisit, and others I plan to visit for the first time: The delightful Labour and Wait in East London is definitely on my list.

The shop celebrates the simple honest things in life and sources hardware, clothing and other products from around the world, many of them still made in the traditional way. If I didn't have a 20kg restriction on my luggage - these are some of the things I would take home:

This Giant dustpan and brush made in the USA

This doorstop weighs 3kgs and is made by a knotting enthusiast in the UK : As is this Sailors brush, knotted out of a single peice of rope:


Anonymous said...

WOW this shop looks lovely. I wish I could visit it with you!

janine de waal said...

Aghhh - I also want to go! ; ) This shop looks amazing!

Estelle said...

I'm sure you are going to have fun.
Re the knots - maybe you could take your crocheting to another level?

flowerpress said...

Oh, what a beautiful shop. I want at least ten of the things but the twine holder and colander especially. I adore those simple well made things which outlast fashion. I hope you visit!

kat said...

Great store, wonderfully authentic looking products. A friend of mine has one of their bottle openers mounted on their kitchen wall. So useful for parties - everyone knows where to find the opener! Enjoy it.

HB said...

Wow, I wish they were there when i was

Anke said...

I marked this shop on my list too! (We'll be in London in July.) I'll need to get the wooden doorstop wedges...and probably swoon over much much more.
Have fun there!

littlechook said...

it's a great shop

there's another fab one just opened in notting hill. haven't been there yet but have ordered loads of stuff from their website.

Pedlars at 128 Talbot Road W11

Fab mix of vintage and things by new/established designers

Anonymous said...

went to pedlars on saturday. great mix of design, vintage and gifts. v friendly. recommended. just off portobello.