Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cloche Crochet!!

I just have to show you... I crocheted this 'cloche' all by myself!
[In the car on the way to Tembe!]
It was finished just in time for the 1920's party my daughter was invited to!

The little flower was so much fun to make too! My family are quaking as they fear a "beanie" and "tea cosy" invasion could be imminent - due to the re-awakening of my dormant crochet hook!


Anonymous said...

Love your new crochet "work of art" - what a spoilt daughter to have such a talented mom. The colours you chose are stunning - can't wait to see what the "dreaded" crochet hook reveals next.... I will be watching this space with baited breath... Belinda xxxx

Anonymous said...

its the weather!! Ive been knitting & crocheting up a storm here in gauteng :)
Your hat is great. Did you choose the colours to match the outfit?

Estelle said...

You are a gem. No idle hands there!

I guess your recently-married daughter is relieved the event was planned to EXclude any crocheted surprises.
Have fun (-:

Jesse said...

Great job! Looks like purple is the colour for this year's winter accessories ;)

HB said...

Love it!

Krissy said...

oh wow! That is so gorgeous :) great job.

Del said...

It´s beautiful!!!