Friday, May 09, 2008

A Happy Story!

A while ago, Jeanine Hays of Aphrochic asked me if I knew how she could get hold of some porcupine quill lampshades!
Soon, 2 readers came up with some suggestions. Jeanine says she now has some on order and will let me know when they arrive! How lovely to help each other out from opposite sides of the world!

The first place I thought of looking was Cecile and Boyd - a homeware store in Durban .They did not have the lampshades we were looking for - But it is one of my most inspiring Decor Destinations.
According to their web sight "Cecile and Boyd's have a subtle yet distinctive style that blends International design with African influences, classic with contemporary"

If ever you are in Durban, a visit to their showroom is a must!


janine de waal said...

What a great story! And I also really like the interior shop!

Anonymous said...

Aah the shop looks gorgeous as ever!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise! Thanks very much for stopping by my blog the other. Thank you also for the introduction to Cecile & Boyd - that's a beautiful looking tree silhouette cushion in the second pic!
(P.S. I love your raked leaves heart)

kat said...

Yes, love Cecile & Boyd. Glad Jeanine managed to source. If I remember correctly interior murals done by Tracy Lynch.(

Krissy said...

gorgeous photos.

Jeanine Hays said...

Thank you so much! I promise to let you know once I receive the lamps and have them up. Thank you everyone for your help!