Monday, May 12, 2008

Where's ...?

I enjoy "Where's Wally" [Where's Waldo in the USA]! I love the challenge of finding something or someone in a graphic crowd!
Which is why the Gift wrap designed by writer and illustrator Alex Latimer is so appealing. Made up of local South African images - it calls me to get involved - to see if I recognise road signs or other images from my country!These cassette tapes form part of a much larger drawing of his old collection found in a shoe box. It makes me want to stop and search. Which artists do I remember/like/dislike? Read his daily comic strip here!


Anonymous said...

The wrapping paper is lovely!

kat said...

I love his work. His brother Patrick (the other half of the comic strip) is also super-talented. Before they were freelancers we worked at the same ad agency for a while. Great guys.

Estelle said...

Gorgeous ideas.
Simply love the wrapping paper!
I can't find Wally - I'm a verbal type, and I struggle with this and "3-d" pictures, etc.

Xander said...

I love the drawing style, especially in the cassettes. I like the idea of drawing everyday objects. -X