Thursday, August 07, 2008

T Shirt Patisserie

I always enjoy visiting Di Overton's inspirational blog Designer's Block. She has just been to the launch of T Shirt Patisserie. After my recent attempts at hand printing, This really does seem to be the easy way out! You design your very own t-shirt [or mug or cupcakes or chocolates!] on their Web Page and they will print it for you! What fun!

The pick up point is the delightful Luna and Curious - a shop created and run by group of designers. It carries their unique range of objects and clothing. [This creative place should have been on my "Lovely London List"!] Read about Di's exciting visit there!


Estelle said...

(Previous time the page disappeared, hope I'm not repeating!)
Love the pic of your red t-shirt!
Lovely London - I'm sure there will be a next time (without kidney stones).

please sir said...

I love her site too! This site sounds very neat, what a clever idea!

kat said...

Hi Denise, I've linked to your post. Was lovely to explore the work of these creative people. Thanks!