Monday, April 20, 2009

Photo Fun

I've hinted about new things happening at Freshly Found soon. And they are.
Like all good things it is taking time - more than I originally thought.
Friday was a fun time as we had another photo shoot at my home!There is quite a way to go - loads of admin to do. But I am really excited and enjoying the journey!


Korea-Seoul-Map said...

very nice blog~
Do you know Seoul, Korea?
if not, feel free to visit my blog.
Have a great day~ ^^

Estelle said...

It looks like such fun. Love that you are a lighting assistant! Looking forward to the day when all is revealed (-:

Heloise Bottomley said...

It all sounds marvelously adventurous and waiting for the big reveal will be hard

Anairam said...

This all sounds very mysterious and exciting! Can't wait to see what you have in store (literally?) for us! PS I loved your woody posts below - I have always wanted a tree stump (or two) for seating (or a side table) - but the ones I see in decor magazines seem a bit expensive ...