Monday, September 07, 2009

Sari Boxes!

2 of my Sari Ropes are on their way to Italy. I made some origami-fold boxes to keep them in. The base of each is made from black cardboard and the lid is made from white cardboard, covered with some of the same sari fabric that the rope is made from![I wish I could sell all my sari ropes like that in my new shop - these were traveling to their destination in a suitcase! When it comes to posting them, it will be more cost effective to package them flat. ]
The online shop is almost ready to go live. I will show you some more of my packaging ideas on Wednesday!


Estelle said...

You just have no end to your beautiful ideas. That is SO gorgeous.
I'm really looking forward to seeing the shop.

Down Pillow said...

Beautiful packaging! Looking forward to seeing the online shop :)

kendalee said...

These are just lovely Denise! And those flower-strewn envelopes... gorgeous! Can't wait for the launch of the shop. Will there be champagne at the opening event? I do so love an excuse for celebration and bubbly - even of the cyber variety! :o)

Alexandra said...

So beautiful! Your blog makes me so happy and inspired. Thank you!