Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fresh Veg!

We had our dinner club at friends on Friday night. We are a group of 4 couples who meet once a quarter at each other's homes. The host cooks the main meal and the other couples rotate between bringing the starter, dessert and chocolate!Mariette decorated the table so beautifully. Her home is very sleek, modern and minimalistic and I just loved her spunky veggie decor. My impromptu night time shots do absolutely no justice to how lovely the table looked. I have used veggies for decor before, but never thought of how gentle and round and lovely and green fresh brussel sprouts would look. The carrots with a neat green haircut looked lively too as well as the gorgeous dark baby aubergines.
I came away inspired again to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.


Estelle said...

That is such a brilliant idea. It makes me wonder why we normally use flowers on a food-table?
I love that there is dessert AND chocolate (-:

Anonymous said...

WOW how inspiring!

Down Pillow said...

It's a great display that's so simple :) I think we all try to over-complicate things sometimes.