Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do, re, mi, fa, so, la.....Tee

I love the story behind the Musical T shirts in my shop.They were designed and printed by a Septuagenarian [is that a word meaning 70-year old?] lady living near my home.

 Jennifer Stone managed to get the musical screen printing of the fabric done here in Durban [alongside orders for a well-known chain store!]  She is passionate about music and making things! I admire her spunk.
The fun bit for me was creating the packaging - Slipcovers made from vintage LPs!

Each T-shirt order will come wrapped in a custom made vintage sleeve - maybe an Afrikaans 'Traan van Vaarwel' or Lenny Dee's 'Dee-lirious' or even a Gogo Girl! It will raise a smile and could even bring back some memories!

The black and white Unisex Musical T's available in s,m or l!


Estelle said...

What a joyful post. Lovely colours and LP covers and info.
I love Deee-lirious!

Creative Polyglot said...

I like a lot 'The sound of music'. I did not see the original movie but the bollywood remake in Hindi was very good too. Mozart and Bach are my favourite companions whenever I sew,cook or do anything else. These t-shirts are lovely as all other products in your shop.

Lauren Setterberg said...

Those are wonderful!

down pillow said...

So cute! And the packaging's genius :)

red or gray art said...

so happy to be visiting today the tees and the pins in your other post are really so lovely...unique !

Estelle said...

I ordered a "musical T" and it's great. The "large" is big enough to fit my body parts, but not bulky. They kindly converted it into a v-neck for me.
I'm a happy gogo gogo girl (lovely wrapping).
I'm just thinking - in SA terms "I'm a happy gogo" could also mean I'm a happy granny | old lady (-: