Friday, November 20, 2009

Fabric Flower Pins

I have been working on some fabric flowers - using the Japanese Kanzashi method as base.

These ones are being made into fabric pins to adorn some bags I have made from Vintage Embroidery pieces.
In the top flower, I used a button in the centre, and in the bottom flower I used a rosette of frayed fabric.  I am so enjoying making these and am hoping to make many more!

Hopefully I will show you the completed bags next week!


Estelle said...

That is so very interesting. Your work is really cross-cultural, and so informative! The flowers look very sturdy and well-made. Hats off to you!

Jesse said...

I like the colours, and the frayed rosette adds great texture!

Izabela said...

I learned how to make basic kanzashi some time ago and I think I will have to back to make some more, they are so lovely!

down comforter said...

These are so sweet - looking forward to seeing the completed bags :)

Miss Molly said...

wow! these are really great! love them!