Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little Boxes Made of Ticky Tacky?!

I've been folding more LP covers into Origami boxes. I find the process so fascinating. It is fun to see what becomes of the design as it is folded into a box. This time I am also using the the backs of the LP covers for box lids too. I enjoy the fonts and words and the hints they give about the songs, artists, etc.
I have finished these sets - Grease, Chorus Line - The Movie, and an Andrew Loyd Webber set. All of the these LPs were doubles, providing me with 4 pages and therefore a set of four boxes each!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tea Towel Cafe Curtains

I am really enjoying my subscription to Selvedge Magazine. The Jul/Aug issue has an article on how to make these delightful Cafe Curtains. The good news is, the instructions are available online !
I feel an urge to start collecting tea towels [or dish cloths as I would call them] right away!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paper Chain Bracelet

I am fascinated by paper and especially ways to re-use vintage paper. Yesterday I made this Musical Bracelet from a glossy mag. The firmness of the paper and the tightness of the weave make it surprisingly sturdy! I am keen to try out more and of course you will know all about it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Creative Memories!

Today is the birthday of one of my my most ardent blog readers - My Mom! I have put together just a very small collage of some of the things she has made for us as a family over the years! [Don't laugh at our glasses, hairstyles, earrings, etc. It was all very cool at the time!]My mom never went anywhere or watched anything without her knitting needles in her hands. She is a brilliant seamstress and used to make shirts for my son and dresses for my girls!Happy Birthday Mom! Looking forward to celebrating your birthday later at Bean Green!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Elephant Interaction

The last about our recent trip away! And a real highlight! We were privileged to interact with some elephants at Kwa Madwala and then ride through the bush on the back of 19 year old Modjadji!It was a life time experience. I so enjoyed getting up close and personal with these incredible animals and their trained handlers, who live and sleep with them and are part of the herd!. Was the ride comfortable? - Yes quite soothing and rhythmic - I think Jackie Kennedy agreed:
"A camel makes an elephant feel like a jet plane"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holiday Colours, Shapes and Patterns!

Over the past couple of years, my eyes have been opened to seeing more pattern in everyday life. Our holiday was no exception:
Striped wood pole roof. Ashes and Square grate after the braai [barbeque]Quaint bridge with metal rounds in the Kruger Park. Slatted blind from our bedroom window and silhouette of my favourite man in the world!Dusty stripy barbed wire fence to keep the Game out. Long colourful early morning queue to get into the Kruger ParkAnd a really beautiful early morning scene of fruit pickers sitting round fires in the fields before the day's work! [click on pic to see a larger version]

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back from the Break!

I am back! I got through a lot of work and then we had a wonderful break near the Crocodile Bridge Gate into the Kruger National Park. The natural beauty was amazing! Here are just a few of the things that filled me with joy!
Tree silhouettes at sunset over the golden Crocodile RiverMagnificent Zebra! Their black and white stripes are always so pleasing!A busy flock of guinea fowl Regular early morning visitors.A very refreshing time!

Friday, July 03, 2009

July Holiday Break

I will be taking a break from blogging! I am in the middle of that huge lampshade project I told you about a while ago. I have been busy cleaning, measuring and cutting posters and banners and I still have a long way to go!All of this and a whole lot more has to be completed before we leave for a holiday at Ngwenya! This pic from a previous visit shows just how up close and personal we get with the wildlife there. Last time we had a herd of elephants move right through the resort, which is on the banks of the Crocodile River overlooking the Kruger National Park!
I look forward to reconnecting again towards the end of July!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bean Green

As you may know by now, I am passionate about excellent coffee, which is one of the reasons I owned a quirky coffee shop for a couple of years!So I was delighted to visit the Bean Green Coffee Roastery in Davenport Durban yesterday. It's a long time since I have had such a stunning cup of coffee!It is one of those places that intrigue me. There are a lot of reasons why it could not work - a limited menu, few staff and simple decor. But that is exactly why it does work. The place was crowded, the service really friendly and of course, the coffee was excellent! The background music comes from a record player! When we left, some of the customers greeted us too, and told us we must come back again! A lovely vibe all round. It definitely has the x-factor!