Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wardrobe Swap

 I've just been notified about the next Wardrobe Swap in Durban.  I'd heard about events like this in other cities and wished we had something like this on our doorstep.  Now it is right here!
The way it works is, you have to take 6 classy items of clothing - no undies no tracksuits, no pjs, etc., etc.  You hand them in when you arrive and -  if they all pass the entry test - you are paid in buttons,.  You have the rest of the evening to 'spend' your six buttons on some other clothing items!
Sounds like fun.
But now find 6 gorgeous pieces in my wardrobe ... that I am willing to part with...?!
It's happening on Tuesday the 16 March at 18h00 at Beanbag Bohemia!


Estelle said...

Oh, that sounds like great fun!
I know for a fact I would not make it through the door, though.

Lauren Setterberg said...

It sounds so great! I would love to attend but I am facing the same dilema, what six pieces would I be prepared to part with. My wardrobe ain't that big. Sniff. Have to think on this one.

dinkum design said...

I'd never heard about that before. What a great idea. I'd love to go. Is it for ladies clothes only?

down bedding said...

What a good idea!!! Sounds like so much fun :)

myletterstoemily said...

brilliant! i would do that in a second!

i'm not attached to much of anything in
my closet, but not interested enough
to shop.

what a fun idea.

let us know what you get!