Thursday, April 29, 2010

Autumn Market

Evidence of me being very busy getting ready for the i♥market this Saturday is all over the place!
This pile of Origami Lilies on the coffee table are waiting to have their petals curled.
My latest crochet project - a cover for a vintage Arcoroc mixing bowl is also ready to go.
These highball glasses keep catching my eye! They seem so white and full of potential in their tissue paper coats. They are ready to be unwrapped and covered with their Vinyl Record wraps to make these vases.
If you are there, please come and say hi on Saturday morning!


ilovemyhouse said...

So sorry to be too far away, wish we had one her. Good luck getting ready. xx

coelho said...

have an amazing market, lis & i having a break got so much on this weekend

Estelle said...

Looks so lovely. The vases are (still) such a great idea!

(It's shocking to think it is almost MAY already.)

Have a wonderful time...

Jesse said...

It looks very busy indeed! Good luck!

(Can you believe it? The word verification on my comment is 'denise'!)

Estelle said...

(When I saw the weather forecast for this weekend, I thought of you. Seems like Cape Town is the only place to hold an outdoor market this weekend.
I hope all goes well.)