Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Furoshiki Bags for Africa

I have been recycling gorgeous vintage saris into furoshiki bags.
The simple bags consist of a hemmed square of  rescued sari fabric, knotted to form a bag.
They sit very comfortably on the shoulder
I keep one bundled up in my handbag - for small grocery shopping trips.  The fabric is  delicate, but surprisingly firm and can carry quite a bit!
They are beautiful storage bags too - This black and white one softly and elegantly stores the loo rolls

and this one holds my one-day-when-I-am-a-granny soft toy collection!
These little Indo-Japo-Afro numbers have sold well, and are now available  online too!


Lauren Setterberg said...

So lovely they are x

Estelle said...

They look gorgeous, and so colourful!
Love the idea of carrying one around for (Illy) shopping (-:

Di Overton said...

I just love your creativity

Unknown said...

Wow, these bags look great! I'll check out the shop immediately! :)

Gossip Guy said...

Do they come in Hello Kitty?