Friday, May 28, 2010


I love to make things - all sorts of things - mostly inanimate! So this is the first time for ages I have made something with eyes and a beak!

This cushion is made from a recycled cotton knit fair-aisle jersey. 
And this birdy has a friend!
I quite like the pair of them mirrored on the couch!  I think I will be making more!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day

I am so delighted that our friend Callie found this vintage scrabble set and gave it to me the other day.  I have been looking for one for ages and ages!
I have set it up as a piece of  interactive art in my living room.  I am waiting to see what friends and family decide to 'write' with the letters.
I started out with this statement, because May has been the most gorgeous month here with lovely warm days, cooler evenings and lots of gentle sunshine!
Scrabble is my favourite board game, so I am delighted to have this vintage version, besides the plastic one we've had for years. I love the vintage colours of the board too!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bright Blooms

These swathes of blooms are filling pots and vases in my home. They have the fragrance of freshly folded paper!
They are the latest version of my origami flowers!
Some of them are made from vintage South African Lantern Magazines [Donated to me by the delightful, now newly married Siblingmine! Thanks Casey!]
and some are made from colourful recycled modern mags too! 
Thrifted knitting needles form the stem and stamen of each bloom!
PS I have not done much Freshly Found stuff this week, as my mom's been admitted to hospital and is undergoing extensive tests. It's a relief to know that the doctors will be getting to the bottom of her not feeling well lately!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Desired and Inspired

Kim of  Desire to Inspire featured all sorts of loveliness on her Granny Chic post yesterday, including this lovely vintage scene from pluuperi
 And my crocheted PBJs in the same article too!
 Thanks Kim☺

Friday, May 14, 2010

Everyone Counts

I have been so touched by this very local project! everyONEcounts  - a project in aid of abandoned babies.
Apparently 3 babies are abandoned every 48 hours in my home province of KZN.  This project is a positive and creative response to this tragic statistic.
Lara Mellon is inviting ONE thousand artists from around the globe to each donate an artwork of 30cm x 30cm where each work will be sold for ONE thousand rand, no more, no less … where regardless of status and standing, the value of ONE life will be celebrated. The proceeds will go to Shepherd's Keep - a home for these precious little people! 
Thanks to my friend Kim Wessels for telling me about this incredible project, and whose beautiful piece of work above has already contributed R1000.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Special Order

I finished this special order of PBJs this last weekend. 
I loved having the opportunity to use found cotton thread to try out all sorts of different stitches - shells, bobbles, cables, etc!
I've posted some more pics on flickr here

Monday, May 10, 2010


Happy Mothers Day for yesterday! 
I had a lovely one. I was blessed to have all of my children and my mom and m-i-l together for lunch.
My hubby and children did all the cooking - and it was stunning!
I love being a mom, and I love that my children know that I enjoy...
Their Creativity...
Just about anything from The Space... [Isn't this bud vase great?]
Proteas - because they are local, oh so lovely and last a long time!
Thanks Hey! You guys rock!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

View from my Desk

Today I am tackling a mountain of Admin. The i♥market on Saturday, tooth surgery on Monday and cleaning the house thoroughly for an evaluation by an estate agent on Tuesday have meant that the boring stuff has piled up high!
So I am firmly planted at my desk.
But there are a couple of things bringing me joy:
This delightful vintage red brick Cover for Terence Conran's House Book is keeping the In-Tray company [the one that needs to be cleared by tonight]
 In another shelf next to my desk, are these neatly stacked cables.  I am loving the idea for keeping them tidy.[via the delightful Anairam
 I've become an avid t.p. roll collector now since I've seen what they can do!
Ok, enough procrastination - back to work!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Thank You and Thank You!

We had a lovely i♥market on Saturday! Thanks so much to those of you who came for your wonderful support!
Thank You too to the talented designer and printer, Susie from Flowerpress, [who creates beautiful prints like these]...
for buying some Freshly Found crocheted PBJ covers and featuring them so beautifully on her blog!
I made them to cover local peanut butter bottles, but the postage for the bottles was so expensive that I just sent the covers. I am glad that Susie found some Australian jars that worked so well.