Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marshall's Place, Mahatma Gandhi, Mzinyathi Falls and more...

Saturday was an incredible day for me as I joined Streetscene Tours to do a tour of Kwa Mashu [Marshall's Place] just outside Durban.The first stop was Elephant House, the oldest house in Durban!
 Next stop was Kwa Mashu - I never realsied what a significant place it is.  I thoroughly enjoyed being up close and personal with the Township and it's residents. We visited all sorts of places like the Gandhi Museum,
and the Ohlange Institute honouring JL Dube - a very significant man, and one who I previously knew very little about.  Mandela chose to vote at Ohlange High School in the first free general elections:
The rest of the day included a visit to a shebeen, shoppping at a local store, visiting some resident's homes, and more. Have a look at some more pics on Freshly Found Facebook.Thanks Guys for a wonderful tour!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cultivar Crochet

What a busy week - not much time for blogging.  I did manage a prototype Wine Bottle cover after we received an enquiry!
Otherwise we had family here from Belgium.  It is always good to see your home city through visitors eyes and I enjoyed showing them around a little.  
We even took a walk along the beach front! 
I also received a re-order for some Bibliogami, after the client's cat had a field day in a box I had just delivered!
I am looking forward to a Streetscene Township Tour tomorrow.  I will tell you more about that next week!
Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sari Garland

 New at the Market this month, was the Freshly Found Sari Garland. 

It is made from vibrant vintage sari fabric. The necklace is knotted and weighted with glass spheres and comes with a handmade detachable flower brooch. It looks good worn as jewellery around the neck or wound around the arm.
It makes a good decor accessory too.  Here it adds a touch of brightness to this urn.  
It looks good hanging from a door handle too or as a tie back for a curtain! 
Soon coming to the Freshly Found online store!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


 I have to show you what's just gone up in my home - 
My daughter has hung this paper mural she made next to her door - 
Makes my trip up the passage a delight every time!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


 There's a whole lot of orange going on around here...

From my brother's vintage matchbox trucks, recently cleaned out from my mom's house move, to the beautiful indigenous clivias just coming to an end in our garden and all sorts of other stuff too.  Just love the orange ricrac I bought at the Waste Centre last week to decorate the paper weave bracelets in time for the market, the delicious naartjies from Woolies, my sewing scissors, marked with lace on the handle so they don't get used for anything else, and the Palm frond too.  But mostly I made up this collection because of this trip:
I went to Pietermaritzburg earlier this week to stock up on more Vintage books for a new order.  I just could not resist this gorgeous Afrikaans Orange set of books, called Die Vrou!  It's full of good Afrikaans Household advice like this:
Literally translated means "I did just decide to alone work..." so talks the voice of yesterday with the tired body of today!

Monday, October 04, 2010

October Weekend

I had a lovely weekend.  My birthday on Friday was a special day.  My daughters, as always, wrapped my presents beautifully. We've sort of created a tradition that gift wrapping is creatively handmade and almost as important as the gift!
The i♥market went well too.  I really enjoy the people aspect of the morning - meeting new blog readers, old friends and fellow stall holders. 
Soon I'll introduce you to some of the new products we had on the stand. In the mean time we are enjoying some light rain here in Durban. Things had become bone dry and some of the plants in our subtropical garden were begining to die off, so this is a welcome relief!