Monday, July 25, 2011

The Caboodle

Our sign is up at last - Visiting The Caboodle in Glenwood Road is going to be just that much easier now! 
The sign, in keeping with Freshly Found philosophy is made from recycled products - [a recycled poster and some vintage jersies!]
Thanks to Cate Rayner for the great article on Freshly Found at The Caboodle in Friday's Goodlife section of the Mercury.
Also part of the Caboodle collective - Ashleigh Lange's locally designed and made 'Dear Heart' clothing range, Tarryn Fowler's colourful Lun@tic children's clothing and accessories, Sarah Sawers art, screen printed clothing and accessories and Jen and Wally Hailstone's Glasshopper products.

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Sam said...

Love the sign..can't wait to visit here