Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Topographicial Blooms

Fresh Origami Blooms - I love the way that maps translate into blooms - the topographical colours are gentle and appealing
 - like the lilac heights of the mountains in China and the jagged red veins of the country borders.

I am so pleased to say that Khule Shezi has been trained to do the folding and he has really 'got it'! Read a little more about him over here.
Available online in flat-pack format or made up at The Caboodle in Durban.

Note to online buyers - your paper lily will be posted flat with instructions to make them bloom!


Anairam said...

Beautiful - I like maps, and have started using them in my collages. BTW, it was SO great to see you in the latest H&L, looking absolutely fabulous! You are going places, madam!

Estelle said...

Really very pretty ... and the colours are so soothing.
It's lovely to read again about your Fresh people.

Sandy said...

I'd love to try my hand at another sort of origami! These flowers are absolutely love and I love the sort of maps you used. :)