Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wooden Coathangers

Wonderful wooden coathangers - and not in the cupboard either...

I just love the airy quality of Niels van Eijk's Wardrobe at the entrance to the Space Exhibition in Amsterdam:
The Hanger Chair by Pottinger and Cole, designed to be a space saver - is easily mounted onto hooks on the wall when not needed!
And here is some design from the past - a stool made from coathangers! Read about it Modern Mechanix


Unknown said...

just great!

Jesse said...

I love that chair - though I can already imagine the hook getting tangled in my hair! The stool is quite lovely as well.

Pattern and Perspective said...

Awesome. Ingenious. A hook on a chair. I could hang a few in my bedroom maybe?...That would be so odd.

I like them. NIFTY