Monday, April 07, 2008

Painted Tiles!!??

I have a very well-built 30 year old home and most of the finishes in the house are about the same age. I love to improve the home but like to maintain it's integrity as much as possible.My kitchen and bathrooms have been fairly recent projects.
I decided to paint the tiles - a far easier and more economical option than replacing them.
I prepared the tiles well - washed and cleaned them thoroughly. The secret of a successful result - as always - is in the preparation!
You can see just how ugly they were! I then applied a water-based tile primer. After this had dried thoroughly, I applied 2 coats of a non-drip enamel paint. I chose an off-white linen colour and used foam rollers to give a nice smooth finish! The whole experience was quite therapeutic and I so enjoyed the end result! - The walls do not look obviously painted - and the paint has worn well!

The mouldings which were overwhelmed by the previously "loud" tiles - now show off beautifully.
More on my revamped kitchen soon!


please sir said...

Looks great - sounds easier than replacing the entire tile. Love your clock too!

Unknown said...

Wow! I know that took alot of hard work.Very good choice of colour, kitchen is a busy place need it to be calm.Welldone!
Hugs Sue.

Estelle said...

You are so brave! Your energy leaves me astounded ... Well done!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...