Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Paper Cutting

I enjoy working with paper. A number of years ago, my German friend Gertrude introduced me to the craft of Scherenschnitte. I tried my hand at few projects at the time. I found some of my old cutouts the other day. I remember how, thanks to my simple snipped projects on my window, I was able to have 'cows grazing under the trees' or 'geese pecking at the flowers outside'! I came across the amazing work of Kanako Yaguchi. She uses the Japanese paper cutting method of Kirigami to inspire all sorts of beautiful products!These designs are like super-duper stylish snowflake patterns. Pop over to her web sight to see what she's been up to here or read more about her at Pingmag here.
PS.Remember Heather of SkinnyLaMinx's Cut Tut! It is classic inspiration to start wielding a craft knife straight away!


Linda Summerfield said...

Lovely blog.

Estelle said...

I love the word "Scherenschnitte". As in Afrikaans, it tells you exactly what you are doing (-:
Would love to see some of your cows and geese!
Guess I need to rethink my idea that paper is for shredding and for the other kind of recycling!!

kat said...

Lovely stuff!

I must add a note of warning to craft knife amateurs - GO SLOW. Those blades have resulted in a few visits to the emergency room and blood spattered work five minutes before presentation... it's not pretty... fortunately I'm not one of those sporting scars but I've been witness to plenty near removals of digits!

eilandkind/islandchild said...

I love this

Anairam said...

I am so glad you linked to the Skinny La Minx tutorial - what an inspiration! Just yesterday I posted about 8 projects I want to tackle, and one of them is a paper cutout. My goodness, the botanical drawing one is absolutely stunning - so delicate! I will have to attempt something rather less detailed!