Friday, October 31, 2008

Joy of the Journey

Christy-Anne Bestwick has a comprehensive blog documenting her beautiful journey in Jewellery Making! She sells some of her metal lace work and other jewellery in her etsy shop!
I love her platinum bangle. You can read all about how she made it here and here.
There are a couple of things worth mentioning about Christy-Anne besides her gorgeous creations -
1. She lives right here in Durban!
2. There are so many ways of spelling Christy[Kristi, Kristy, Cristi,etc] but she spells the Christy part of her name just like my daughter Christy!


Heloise said...

I always enjoy seeing how someone got to the end result, especially when it looks this beautiful.
PS. Love the bag

Estelle said...

"Handmade" really is a vast concept! I love supporting the "little people" (not saying that any of you are little)rather than the chain stores. Maybe I should rather say entrepreneurs.
Love the Christy / Durban link!

Di Overton said...

Ooh I love that platinum bangle. Fabulous intricate work

Christina J. said...

Her platinum bangle is beautiful.