Monday, November 24, 2008

Shopping Trip

Last week I went down to The Waste Centre in Durban. If you are a sewer and you've been to Durban, you will have visited this Institution! It's been around for years and stocks just about everything that is fabric related.
I was looking for backing fabric for some cushions I have been commisioned to do. The shweshwe fabric I found will do very nicely.The Waste Centre is situated in an old light industrial area in Durban. I thought I would show you some of what we saw:
From the roof top Parking - a view of The Soccer Stadium which is racing towards completion for the 2010 World Cup Soccer.We also spied "The Artspace Durban" - an art gallery I have been meaning to visit, but have just not got to yet.
We took heed of the instructions on the way down to the shop...And will have to see what I do with this shwe shwe fabric which must have been designed with the Soccer World Cup in mind!


please sir said...

Looks like a great and fun trip!

Estelle said...

Wow, it's wonderful to hear that you have been commissioned.
Love all the Shwe shwe!
Thanks for taking us every step of the way with you.

Anairam said...

Sounds like a great place for a fabric fanatic like you? I am at the moment scrabbling through my fabric box for pieces to make my fabric projects, and I'm quite sorry about the bags full of off-cuts I gave away when we moved. Well, not really sorry, I'm sure the people who took them put it to better use than I did. I will buy a piece of fabric because I like the look, and then put it away because I cannot sew.