Friday, January 04, 2008

Crochet - Clean Catch!

The New Year is in full swing, and I guess we are all brimming with ideas, plans and good intentions!
I love crochet work, partly because it is the one form of needle work that I think that I could possibly do! In fact - back in the day - I crocheted all sorts of orange/brown/green tea cosies, pillow covers, hot water bottle covers, etc. [Original Retro!!]
Keeping in mind Jesse's recent knitted face cloth, I decided to re-purpose some beautiful "found" crochet work.
These Antimaccasars were rescued from the 2nd hand basket of crocheted items at my local SPCA. I washed and bleached them. My contribution to the Crochet work was a 25 chain stitch loop, covered in a row of single crochet to hang the face cloths.
Their presence in my bathroom adds a touch of whimsy and charm!
What a delightful way to exfoliate!


Estelle said...

WELCOME HOME ... it's been so-o-o long .... it felt like a 2,500 stitch wait (-:

Your crochet work looks as good as the rest - so give it a bash sometime.

Now I also know what an Antimacassar is.

Have gorgeous fun as you hit the ground running!

Freshly Found said...

Thanks E!!! I must say it feels good to be back again. Have so many ideas and have spent quite a bit of time taking lots of pics - so hopefully will manage to entertain and inspire!

bronwyn said...

I am determined to learn how to crochet this year! Have a happy 2008 Denise, and all the very best to you. I look forward to another year of freshly found inspiration.

Heather Moore said...

Lovely! And beautiful pics too.

kat said...

Hi - thanks for your comment - I must say I would never have picked up crocheting again if it weren't for all resurgence of wonderful craft that I've discovered through blogs. So inspiring! I'm enjoying it as crocheting seems so much quicker than knitting ever was and that suits my instant gratification/impatient nature well : ) If I produce good enough results I may even post off scarves as my handmade PIF! Happy Friday.

Jesse said...

I've been meaning to comment on this for ages.... such a good idea!!!!