Friday, February 01, 2008

Can you Handle These?

I am tickled by Virginia Graham's unexpected cup handles! Her ceramics are delightful and surprising!
Frauke Stegmann is the guest blogger at
Elle Deco at the moment. A few days ago Heather showed us some of her work - where she splices mass-produced handles onto delicate porcelain cups! Here are some more of Frauke's creations!

When the cup is full, carry it even.

Scottish Proverb


Heloise Bottomley said...

I really do like your new look and I've always thought Frauke's 'Milnerton Market is nice'
was both very clever and very beautiful, my favourite combination

Ashley L. said...

the first set of mugs is to die for! i love them! great post! this is my first time to your blog, but from the looks of it, it won't be my last! :)

Patricia Gray said...

What interesting handles, so creative.

nunu pepe' said...

OOOOOH I love the new look blog!!! And well done on putting your goodies on Esty thats just wonderful.Hope they are a huge success.
love the handles in the first image.

LimogesBoxCollector said...

What creative pieces - both practical and great conversation starters!