Friday, September 21, 2007

Spring Ball

My daughter recently went to a Spring Ball. Together we designed and made her dress out of …. ties! Yip! She actually has a beautiful face, but, doesn't want to show it off on my blog! We had so much fun choosing the ties and kept the ladies at the local charity shop entertained when we told them what we were going to do with them!


Anonymous said...

At last the tie dress features!
Beaut, creative.
I suppose you can't sneak your daughter on without her knowing, hey?

shelbi said...

this dress is the most beautiful, creative and amazing dress i have ever seen...i truly love

it was so lovely to find a note from you on my blog.i am loving yours as well...:) off to read some more.

Anonymous said...

Get outta town! That looks great. The way the different ties compliment each other is fantastic.

Jesse said...

Wow! That's amazing, so beautifully done. I have a bag of ties sitting on top of a cupboard, waiting to become a skirt. You've just made them look a whole lot more tempting than before.

Christopher de Beer said...

very cool idea, looks great :)

aarrrggg that means all the Durbs charity shops are now lacking in the interesting tie dept.


lu summers said...

that's ingenius, what a brilliant idea, you clever so and so's! :)

WendyB said...

Very creative!

Happy March said...

What a great idea! I've seen some tie-made clothes in vintage shops in austin, but they never take the seams out of the ties, so the garments feel really thick and clumsy.
What a nice fit too!

Estelle said...

2 months later and your ties still stay fresh in my memory.
Have recently seen this on TV:
1. Using a tie to tie back a curtain.
2. Joining 2 ties at the wider side and making a long band that is then used as a belt - wide sides in the front, wrapped round the back, and then (the narrow ends) tied in the front - they called it a kimono belt (I think). Pretty!