Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Corner Cafe

A delightful venue has recently opened in Durban. The Corner Cafe in Glenwood.

The design in the shop is inspiring - A mix of Neutral -Retro-Industrial, brought to life with bright red chairs.

The focal point is an entire wall filled with an aerial photograph of the area - a great conversation piece - Most of the customers spend some time trying to place themselves on the map.

The atmosphere, service, food and coffee are great. Well worth an inspirational visit!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Like White!

I Like White - a lot! In fact I love white.

Many tired wooden items of furniture in my home have been given a white coat. I love the way the texture of the piece shows through!

I enjoy the combination of wood in my home, lightened by white!

It is fresh and gives a wonderful backdrop to other colours.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Retired Tires

The amazing Campana Brothers, who love to be inspired by street life, have designed these Transneomatic container bowls for Artecnica as part of their Design With Conscience Project. The thoroughly cleaned and sealed old scooter tyres form the frame for the wicker work created by artisans in Vietnam. What an inspiring project!

I enjoy collecting vintage design books. I love to see how trends and ideas repeat themselves over the years - often returning, but in a different form.

So I had to chuckle - and be inspired - when I was paging through High-Tech - an Industrial Style and Source book, published in the USA in 1978. I found this design by architect Paul Rudolph - Car and Tractor tires - upholstered in Elastic!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hairy Inner City Art

I noticed this captivating photo by Carolyn Gavin of Designer Blog from a series of Barber shop pics she took some years ago in South Africa.

It made me think of some of the Make-shift Inner City Hair Salons we have in Durban.

They are all over the place, and I am always intrigued by the naive art which is used by the hair stylists to advertises their profession.

It brings a touch of life and humour to the harshness of the city.

Thanks to my son, who drove me around so I could snap these pics out of the car window! It was definitely a case of "Drive-by Photo Shooting"!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Modish Mag

Elle Decoration SA has launched their own blog! And Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx is the resident blogger. It is going to be an exciting space to watch and great to have one of my favourite magazines with an interactive internet presence!

Elle has already featured some great stuff - These wacky Stamp Cups which leave a beautiful "coffee cup stain" on the table.

And there is a post on trendy Cape Town Lifestyle and Home Store - O.Live!

And then - Ahem... There is a mention of the first visitor to the Blog - a local South African blogger. - Freshly Found!
Make a cup of coffee, sit down and be inspired by this Beautiful Blog!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Patterned Pita!

I have been enjoying Heloise Bottomley's new Blog! She is a talented designer, stylist and illustrator with a passion for Creative Gardening. I was particularly delighted, when I read her post on Monday! As some of you may know, it really was a big deal for us South Africans to be in the Rugby World Cup Final. The fact that we won was cause for huge celebration here. Well Heloise was inspired by the post I did on Katja Gruijter's food design work and she prepared a delightful meal with our Rugby Team's logo stencilled on top.

Well Done Heloise! I am sure your guests were delighted!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Coloured Silver

I painted these old candlesticks of mine. They started life out with a silver plating, then, when they started to look tired I spray painted them red!

They remind me in a way of the beautiful work of Christine Misiak. Her work is a lot more permanent and artistic than a layer of paint. She cleans, restores, repairs and where necessary replaces bits of vintage silver and then adds colour.

She is exhibiting in Newcastle on Tyne until the end of October.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Advice!!!

This delightful wire sign was a random un-birthday gift from my eldest daughter a while ago. She bought it from The Space - an innovative Fashion Store - which had it's roots in Durban, but is now country-wide.

The green cushion on my couch is one of my favourites and also has a very good suggestion! No Coffee - No Workee!

Janine of Fourwalls Design found some surprising advice on her travels in the middle of 'nowhere' in Namibia!
'Probeer' means 'Try'! A local farmer's advice to by-passers!!?? Read about it here!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Funky Fotos

My youngest daughter LOVES taking photos. I admire her ability to "see" things that many of us miss. She snaps some pretty cool stuff! These are part of a series she did for a recent art project.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lavish Lace

Katja's food design reminded me of a pair of my cushions in my lounge.

Yes I've cut up another evening dress! I found one which was slightly damaged. It has now been restyled and is dancing again - on my couch!

I wonder what sort of lace this is? Guipure? Belgian? Maybe a lace expert out there can tell me!

PS - While researching what sort of lace this could be, I came across this Guipure Lace Shoe from Stuart Weitzman!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pallatable Pattern!

I love the Pattern Passion that has invaded the creative atmosphere. Kajta Gruijters is an innovative food designer who has closed the gap between fashion and food -

She designed all sorts of yummy edibles with patterned moulds...

And gave this roll designer status!

Unfortunately I live too far away from Katja to attend one of her Trend Lectures or Inspiration Workshops, but I already have all sorts of thoughts running through my head - maybe with some beetroot, a stencil and a nice fresh roll...mm...? If it works out well, I will definitely post a pic here! In the mean time read about her Adventurous Work here.

More Pallatable Patterns!

I was really taken with the recent patterns which Lara of Kirin Notebook has just finished producing for Moo.

She said her aim was to design Christmas stuff that did not look tacky and boringly cliché. She certainly achieved her goal. This is so fresh and appealing to me.. I love linen and I love the colours.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chocolate and Silver

Last Sunday I had all the family for lunch. I did not feel like making dessert, so we had chocolate instead. I dug out some of my vintage silver and lined each container with tissue paper.

Now that the cholocolates are finished, this odd little trio is hanging around with my recently freshly stacked and sorted magazine collection!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Orla, Spoons and Weeds

Skinny La Minx's delightful tea towels have found there way all around the world to many exotic destinations. Well - Great Excitement - today, a parcel arrived at my home and I now own some of Heather Moore's delightful work.
And - Heather has just announced a new Orla Tea Towel Print in her Etsy Shop.

Joy Bracelets

Estelle wrote to tell me about a meaningful Guest Gift Idea. A beautiful tea party was featured on Pasella. Nicola Meyer of La Fete did the catering and each guest was given a rather special gift made by the ladies of Joy-Armband Projek [Joy Bracelet Project].

For every 2 bracelets they sell, they give one bracelet to a woman who is ill or in prison.

I love presents that multi task - as a beautiful gift and as a blessing to others!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Woza Moya - [an organisation involved in helping people who are affected by HIV Aids] make the most delightful goodies - including these bug cards! A very interesting place of hope, dignity and creativity.

They are just around the corner and I will be taking you back to visit again!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Remember those flowers?

Remember the Surprise Flowers I received a few days ago? Well, the arrangement has started to fade now, so I have re-used the remaining good stuff!

1. The basket the flowers came in has neatened up my cupboard-full of dish towels!

2. The green foliage and white flowers look very happy in vintage goblets on the coffee table.

3. The tall lillies and roses are planted in glass bottles and...
4. This lovely silhouette on my bathroom window sill is thanks to the remaining twisted sticks and green fern!
I love giving things a second life!